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Skyfall Digital Media (SDM) was founded on February 5th, 2018 by Ryan and Jennifer Duke.  Since that time, SDM has grown substantially thanks to our loyal customers.  Digital Marketing is a very competitive vertical that requires special attention to detail.  It also requires continuous learning because of the constantly changing technical landscape in which we operate in.  The algorithms from the major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) are constantly updating their code in an attempt to deliver more meaningful search results (SERPs) and less low-quality content.  Besides designing custom websites, we also perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for our customers.  This is a very challenging area of expertise that is constantly evolving and one that requires constant tweaks and changes to stay relevant within the search results.

Ryan C. Duke, CAP, MSM



Ryan is an IT professional who has a passion for Website Design, SEO, and other related Digital Marketing services with 20+ years of experience. He has a strong desire to help businesses grow within the current Digital Marketing realm.

His professional career, education, and hobbies were the perfect mix of experiences that helped further his understanding of computers, networks, and how the internet functions.  Ryan is a Principal Automation Engineer for Hampton Roads Automation; he has been working in the field of Industrial Automation for over 25 years (Instrumentation, Electrical, DCS/PLC programming, etc.).  This position (and the ones that led up to it) have given him a multiplicity of opportunities to spend countless hours working with hardware and software that are directly applicable to the services that are offered by Skyfall Digital Media.

He is also a veteran PC gamer which by its very nature led the way to Ryan pursuing a career that is heavily laced with all things related to Information Technology.  His interest in gaming is what led to his first personal website which was hosted on a server within his home.  That server has since been virtualized and is still up and running with a couple of Battlefield 2 game servers running on it.  These experiences along with Ryan’s professional career created a learning environment that led to where Ryan is today.


New River Community College
Associates in Applied Science, AAS, Instrumentation Technology
East Carolina University
Bachelors of Science in Business Education, BSBE, Information Technologies
Excelsior College
Master of Science, MSM, Management (focus in Leadership)


International Society of Automation – Certified Automation Professional (ISA – CAP)

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