Custom Blog vs. The ‘alternatives’

Why pay for a custom blog when you can get a free one?  There are several advantages to having your own blog.  First of all, your blog is also a website that you can do with as you please.  When you have your own, you will OWN the domain name which makes it really nice when you decide to convert your blog into something different (a forum perhaps???).  The second extremely important point that I’d like to make about having your own blog is having COMPLETE control over your data.  You will have the ability to back up your site AND your precious Blog posts (or Skyfall Digital Media can do it for you).  If you use a free blog, you will not have control over your website; if the blog site owner decides to shut down their business, etc. you will lose your data.  A blog is like writing a book that never ends; no one wants to lose something as personal as endless hours of writing.

But…Isn’t It Expensive?

The cost of a customized blog isn’t really all that expensive.  There are potential additional costs if you decide to have Skyfall Digital Media perform site backups, WordPress plugin maintenance, etc., but even those items are extremely affordable.  The real question is how much is your hard work worth to you?  If it really doesn’t matter, then a custom blog may not make sense for you.  On the other hand, if you want complete control over your site, the custom personalized option is the way to go.

So…What Is The Cost?

The answer to that is the same answer you give when people ask you how long a piece of string is.  The overall cost of your custom blog is purely based on your requirements.  The offer that will be presented to you will be based on your request with pricing options that are clearly laid out to allow you to make an extremely informed decision.  When you are ready to explore this option, please let us know (Click Here To Do So).



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