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WordPress Hosting Plans

If your are considering doing business with Skyfall Digital Media, take note that we offer complete web solutions from hosting your website, to building it, and offering SEO and advertising services to help drive traffic to your website.

Why Choose Us?

There are tons of website designers out there that utilize the services of “others” to host their websites.  When you are doing business with Skyfall Digital Media, you can rest easy knowing that your website resides within our control, not on a web server in who-knows-where being maintained by unknown individuals.  We made the decision to offer these services to allow you a completely seamless business experience that enables your organization to focus on one company for all of your website related needs.  We know you are busy; our goal is to ensure that you can focus on your core business without having to hassle with aggravating issues that end up with multiple companies pointing their fingers at each other while your much-needed website is offline.  Let’s face the truth, everything breaks, but everything can be fixed with the right people who are able and willing to respond.  We are those people.

Easy To Use Control Panel
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
SSL Certificates
24/7 Premium Support

Security and Reliability

When searching for WordPress hosting, we know that the two things that you’re most-likely looking for is security and reliability for your website; we can provide that for you…and more.  Skyfall Digital Media utilizes the latest technology that was built from the ground up by IT Professionals.  Our professional WordPress Hosting was created to enable us to guarantee the delivery of your website on a safe and secure server.

Security and reliability are very important, but they aren’t the only things that you need to look for when searching for WordPress hosting.  Skyfall Digital Media‘s WordPress Hosting platform was designed specifically for businesses who have a desire for excellent customer support, a reliable website hosting platform, and web servers that deliver high speed website loading times.  Skyfall Digital Media is dedicated to assisting you through the entire process from start to finish with a very strong focus on excellent customer support.

Our focus on customer service isn’t just words on a website meant to draw you in; our dedication to our customers is one of the core functions of our business.  Websites are technical in nature.  Most people don’t have all of the technical skills required to support their own website.  Ask yourself this question, why would they?  Each customer of ours has a different professional skillset.  We don’t presume to be experts in their areas and we don’t expect them to be experts in ours.  What we do is ensure that every step of the process is transparent and clear to make sure that our customers are aware of what stage their projects is currently in.

Detailed Hosting Comparison

Choose Your Plan WordPress Microsite Hosting Personal WordPress Hosting Business WordPress Hosting E-commerce WordPress Hosting
Online Storage 1 Gigabyte 2 Gigabytes 4 Gigabytes 8 Gigabytes
Monthly Data Transfer 8 Gigabytes 10 Gigabytes 15 Gigabytes 25 Gigabytes
FTP Accounts 1 1 1 1
Email Accounts 1 10 15 25
MySQL Databases 5 10 15 25
Sub Domains 5 10 15 25
Addon Domain 0 1 3 10
24/7 Ticket Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated SSL Certificates Yes Yes Yes Yes
WordPress Hosting Microsite
Starting at $10 per month
Personal WordPress Hosting
Starting at $20 per month
Business WordPress Hosting
Starting at $30 per month
E-Commerce WordPress Hosting
Starting at $75 per month

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