Do You Want A Mobile Optimized Website?

With the high percentage of mobile users that are utilizing their device to surf the web, its no surprise that everyone wants their site to function properly on all mobile platforms.  In the event this is a new territory for you, let’s discuss what a mobile optimized website actually is.  Websites are generally built on a PC where everything looks great and there is plenty of real-estate to display all of the content which may include images, text, columns, etc.  A custom web page that is mobile friendly will have the ability to automatically “morph” from the PC version to the mobile version without the need for any additional configuration and programming.  The ability for a website to make this transition is referred to as a responsive design.

What Is Mobile Website Design?

There was a time when website designers had to build individual sites that were suited for desktop PCs as well as mobile devices.  With modern website technology, that is no longer necessary.  We are now able to create websites with responsive designs.  The great thing about this technology is that we only have to build and maintain one website.  This answers questions like “can I change my website to a mobile site?”; based on the aforementioned information, that is not longer necessary.  Everything is housed on a one stop shop.  All of the websites that are created by Skyfall Digital Media all feature responsive designs which makes them inherently mobile friendly.  If you want this technology applied to your website or you want us to build you one from scratch, reach out to us and let’s start an adventure together.

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