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Medical Marketing

In the past, medical marketing required an expensive budget to be able to reach your entire state, even more so for your country, and an unimaginable amount to reach the entire world.  That time is past.  Businesses can leverage the power of Digital Marketing with a much smaller budget and reach a VERY large audience.  The search for health and medical information has exploded over the past several years.  With that in mind, you can draw the direct conclusion that there is an avenue to attracting more patients to your Practice by the proper application of modern Digital Medical Marketing strategies.  If you want to know more, continue reading…

Medical Marketing for Doctors, Healthcare Professionals, Functional Medicine Doctors, and Hospital Administrators

What is the primary need of any Medical Practice?  You need the right type of patients that are contacting you via an efficient referral network that utilizes modern technology to bring consistent streams of revenue into your business.  Once these tools are deployed, you and your well-trained staff will be able to apply your skills and help those who are seeking your services.  Your overall online reputation is a vital part of this process that must be carefully managed.  With the right application of all of the facets of Digital Marketing, your business will flourish.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – As we previously established, your patients are searching the internet for solutions to their medical ailments.  An important part of ensuring that they find your Medical Practice is to understand exactly what they are looking for.  This information will enable you to optimize your website content which will rank your website higher within the major search engines which will result in more patients contacting you.  It’s very important to have GEO location information within the contents of your website (city, town, county, zip code, etc.) along with what your Medical Practice specializes in.  This methodology will allow your Practice to be discovered by potential customers who are search for “Physical Therapist in Salt Lake City, Utah” or “Physical Therapist near me” because your website will rank higher based on the aforementioned content.
  • The Power of Social Media – As you are probably aware, Social Media is an extremely powerful tool that can be used to attract potential customers to your Practice.  There are a couple of Social Media platforms that you should be utilizing as part of your overall Digital Marketing strategy.  The ability for users of those platforms to find out information about your practice and to be able to directly message you carries more value that you can imagine.  The ability to utilize direct messaging gives your potential patients access to you on an extremely personal level which is an inherent part of the Doctor / Patient relationship.  Personalized service and a personal relationship leverages an immense amount of influence in the medical field; it ensures that you not only gain new patients, but you will also keep them.
  • Provide Answers to Common Medical Questions – Once again referencing back to the fact that there are millions of internet searches each month in the form of medical questions leads to yet another place where you can draw more traffic to your website.  You should have a section dedicated to common medical questions along with thorough answers.  You can also increase user engagement and potential sharing by including videos (preferable created by you) that clearly explain the answers to the common medical questions that would be typically asked within your specific medical specialty.  You can also share links to peer-reviewed medical articles that further explain the answers you have provided.  This information will help grow your clientele because your expert answers will reflect your professional knowledge.  It will also help you to stand out among the other Doctors in your field.  Your online reputation is very important to maintain.
  • Google and Facebook Advertising – When you create advertising content for Google and Facebook, you have the ability to directly target a very specific group of individuals based on a wide-range of options (GEO location, gender, age, interests, etc.).  This targeted (and scheduled) advertising will ensure that the specific audience you are seeking to serve have an opportunity to engage with your ad content which will lead to your phone ringing and/or more traffic to your website.  As an example, you can target men searching for a Physical Therapist in Utah between the ages of 30 and 60 in the Salt Lake City region.  Yes, you can get that specific.  Click Here to visit the Google Ads website.

An Important Fact about Medical Marketing

The last thing you want to do as a Medical Professional is to engage in any activities that are unethical.  Your Digital Marketing strategy should directly reflect this in every aspect.  As you’re well aware, the internet is filled with medical misinformation that has probably led to unthinkable outcomes when it was applied.  Your goal as a Medical Professional is to rise above that type of deceptive and potentially hurtful content.  You should make every effort to ensure that your website and all associated digital assets are of the highest value possible.

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