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Small Business Services

Small Business Services

Small Business Services

Whether you are working on a business start-up or you have been successfully running your small business for several years, there is always an opportunity to expand business and grow your customer base.  The internet has made that extremely achievable, but not all that easy; that is where Skyfall Digital Media comes into the picture.  You see, we’re not just another web design company, we also offer affordable SEO services to fit your specific budget.  Let’s face it, everyone has a set of budgetary limitations that they must operate in.  I can surely tell you that we do.  Our small business SEO services are geared towards customers like you who have the desire to expand their business, but can’t afford to pay some of the extremely high costs that are generally associated with it.  The services that we perform are still professional SEO services, but they are much more affordable thanks to our low overhead and desire to forge long lasting relationships with customers who are just like we are; small business owners.

What Is A Landing Page (and why do you need them)?

Every small business website has a homepage, an about page, and hopefully a contact page.  Those pages should be accessible from the menu system that is built into the website.  Search engines are going to index your site based on the keywords and several website programming elements that are specifically geared towards ensuring that people entering terms into search engines can find your website.  This is where landing pages come into play.  Landing pages are the equivalent to having more than one fishing pole actively seeking a fish.  You can catch one fish with one pole, but think about how many you could catch with 100.  Each of the 100 poles would have different bait that would allow you to catch a plethora of different species of fish.  With the proper landing page design, your website will be like those 100 fishing poles all working simultaneously to grow your business.  We perform advanced keyword research when we are working on your digital marketing campaign.  Keyword research is a continuous process that must be performed to keep all of your web pages up to date and relevant.  We want more than just traffic to your website, we also strive for high conversion rates.  Each person that comes across any of your web pages is a potential customer; we want to maximize the possibility of them contacting you through a “call to action” that will hopefully result in a business transaction.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that you have some ideas about what we do at Skyfall Digital Media, it’s time to reach out to us so we can take your small business to the next level.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.



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