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SEO Strategy

When we initially build your website, it needs to be optimized to ensure that it gets a high CTR (Click Through Rate). Our SEO strategy is based upon three major principles that are the cornerstone of SEO in 2022. They are as follows:

Focus on Content

There was a time when websites could rank very high in the major search engines just by placing the correct keywords within the web pages. That time has passed. The Google algorithms have been updated and have become extremely intelligent. In order for your website to rank high within Google, your content (web pages and blog posts), must be extremely thorough. We perform advanced keyword research on your desired topic and/or niche; we then create a huge amount of high quality content that is completely original. The content must completely cover the topic and answer as many questions as possible. We want your content to be the ‘end all be all article’. This is a tedious process that requires continuous updates to ensure that your website remains relevant.

Optimized Title Tag and Meta Description

When you perform a Google search, you’ll see the Title Tag and Meta Description from each website that includes the keywords that you searched for.  If you’re like most people, you don’t click on websites that don’t have the keywords that you are searching for within these two critical areas. Although Google will display results without the keywords in the Title Tag and/or Meta Description (because Google tracks what people are clicking on and ranks them accordingly), people are more likely to ‘click through’ if you do have your keywords in the Title Tag and Meta Description.  It’s also very important to ensure that your Meta Description and Content have these attributes:

  • The keywords must flow in a sentence
  • The content is easy to read
  • The content is appealing to read
  • It invokes curiosity
  • Is something that everyone wants to read
  • Is something that everyone wants to ‘click through’

Utilize the Google Search Console

This tool is vital in any SEO strategy. It gives you the information that you need to place your website at the top of your keyword search results (assuming that you utilize it properly). The Search Console give you all types of analytical data, such as, number of impressions, what pages people are seeing in the search results based on what keyword searches, your CTR rate on each page, and other important data that is vital to any SEO strategy. The keywords that are creating impressions for your Content need to be included in that content which ties back to item #1. It’s important that the Content flows naturally and is inherently educational.

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