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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Multiple volumes of books could be written on this subject, but to get right to the point, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of making a myriad of changes to a website to enable it to show up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) as close to the top as possible.  Every single area on your website needs to be properly setup in order for the major search engines to properly understand your content (which needs to be excellent!).  When this process is performed correctly, you website will show up in the SERPs based on keyword searches which will hopefully attract the attention of potential customers to engage with you after consuming your awesome content.  This is a perpetual service that never ends.  Thanks to the constant changes that Google makes to its algorithms, SEO experts are constantly having to update their websites to ensure that they don’t get lost in the SERPs.  In summary, with the proper application of SEO, your website that was once lost, will be found.

What is our SEO strategy?

Every website that is built by us has the core elements of SEO embedded into their overall structure.  It is important to note that we have customers who for their own reasons don’t want any SEO applied to their website.  This is usually the case for personal websites that aren’t the front end of a business.  Our strategy is forever changing, but there are some areas of focus, especially in regards to technical SEO that we always utilize.

Technical SEO “staples”:

  1. After performing keyword research, we create a web page that is focused on that keyword.  The title, URL, meta description, and H1 text should all include that keyword (or long-tail keyword).  Make sure the title is no more that 70 characters and the meta descriptions is not more than 160.
  2. At least one image on the page will have the keyword (or long-tail keyword).  The image Alt tags are also important.  They need to describe the content of the image to help Google understand what the image represents.
  3. Fully leverage a WordPress SEO plugin (Yoast and Rank Math are both very good options).
  4. Your site map must be submitted to the Google Search Console to ensure that your site is properly crawled.

Focus On Content

As I mentioned earlier, excellent content is extremely important.  After performing in-depth keyword research using tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and/or the Google Keyword Planner, you need to create in-depth content that is unique, engaging, and useful to the reader.  The days of short useless content that is “stuffed” with keywords are over.  The search engines algorithms are able to determine if the content is well written, unique, informative, and written by a human.  There are many websites that utilize AI to write their content.  I am not a fan of AI content.  I know that there are some who will strongly disagree with me, but I believe a SEO expert should take the time to not only perform the necessary research, but to write excellent content as well.  If you can’t write, hire a technical SEO writer, but don’t fill up a website with AI generated text.

In order for your website to rank high within Google, your content (web pages and blog posts), must be extremely thorough. We perform advanced keyword research on your desired topic and/or niche; we then create a huge amount of high quality content that is completely original. The content must completely cover the topic and answer as many questions as possible. We want your content to be the ‘end all be all article’. This is a tedious process that requires continuous updates to ensure that your website remains relevant.

Utilize the Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is vital in any SEO strategy. It gives you the information that you need to place your website at the top of your keyword search results (assuming that you utilize it properly). The Search Console give you all types of analytical data, such as, number of impressions, what pages people are seeing in the search results based on what keyword searches, your CTR rate on each page, and other important data that is vital to any SEO strategy. The keywords that are creating impressions for your Content need to be included in that content which ties back to item #1. It’s important that the Content flows naturally and is inherently educational.

Utilize Google Analytics

Every website that is under the watchful eyes of a SEO expert needs to be tracked by Google Analytics.  The incredibly useful tool tracks an incredible amount of very granular data about your website.  It keeps track of who visited it, what they clicked on, what keywords they used to find your website, how many impressions that you received, what country the users are in, what type of device they accessed it with, and many other useful data points.  All of this data can be compiled into a comprehensive report that will help further understand what is required to help the website rank well.

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