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Skyfall Digital Media is a Digital Marketing Firm located in Chesapeake, VA.  Digital marketing means that we’re a web design company and a SEO services company.  And…we also perform custom logo creation (we have a digital talented artist working with us!).  Skyfall Digital Media was founded by Ryan Duke (me).  I started building websites over 15 years ago as a hobby.  The passion for that hobby grew into a full blown web design business.  When searching for “local web designers near me”, Skyfall Digital Media will pop up in the list if you are in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and especially if you are in Chesapeake, VA.  Don’t let our location deter you from contacting us if you don’t live in our area.  We have customers that are in other states (our most recent out of state customer is in Florida).  We utilize modern technology to communicate with you during the entire process which makes our location irrelevant.  We can conduct business with anyone who is anywhere.

Custom Website Design

This topic has multiple facets that are important.  The major ones that come to mind are a website that is:  responsive, mobile friendly, secure, unique, and fast.  Each item in the aforementioned list is important for one reason or another.  The method by which people are accessing the internet is increasingly via mobile devices.  Desktops once were the ruler of all, but the explosion in mobile technology has changed the playing field drastically.  Every website that we build AND host (emphasis on host) will have all of the attributes listed above.  We can’t guarantee performance if your website is hosted elsewhere.  During the design phase of your custom website project, we will have lots of communication with you to ensure that we meet and/or exceed all of your expectations.  Skyfall Digital Media is all about paying close attention to every detail.  We treat your website like it belongs to us.  In a way it does belong to us because our name will be on it when it is all said and done.  Our design strategy starts with a simple conversation about your vision for your website.  If you aren’t sure what you want, we will build several different mock-ups for you (mock-ups are live websites that you can visit and interact with) to find out which type of setup best suites your wants, needs, and desires.  There are tons of available options.  We also have a custom WordPress plugin programmer on our staff that can create something unique for your particular application.  We’ll take a deeper dive into this after your make the initial contact with us.

SEO Strategy

When we initially build your website, it needs to be optimized to ensure that it gets a high CTR (Click Through Rate).  Our SEO strategy is based upon three major principles that are the cornerstone of SEO in 2019.  They are as follows:

  1. Focus on Content: There was a time when websites could rank very high in the major search engines just by placing the correct keywords within the web pages.  That time has passed.  The Google algorithms have been updated and have become extremely intelligent.  In order for your website to rank high within Google, your content (web pages and blog posts), must be extremely thorough.  We perform advanced keyword research on your desired topic and/or niche; we then create a huge amount of high quality content that is completely original.  The content must completely cover the topic and answer as many questions as possible.  We want your content to be the ‘end all be all article’.  This is a tedious process that requires continuous updates to ensure that your website remains relevant.
  1. Optimized Title Tag and Meta Description: When you perform a Google search, you’ll see the Title Tag and Meta Description from each website that includes the keywords that you searched for.  If you’re like most people, you don’t click on websites that don’t have the keywords that you are searching for within these two critical areas. Although Google will display results without the keywords in the Title Tag and/or Meta Description (because Google tracks what people are clicking on and ranks them accordingly), people are more likely to ‘click through’ if you do have your keywords in the Title Tag and Meta Description.  It’s also very important to ensure that your Meta Description and Content have these attributes:
    1. The keywords must flow in a sentence
    2. The content is easy to read
    3. The content is appealing to read
    4. It invokes curiosity
    5. I something that everyone wants to read
    6. Is something that everyone wants to ‘click through’
  1. Utilize the Google Search Console: This tool is vital in any SEO strategy.  It gives you the information that you need to place your website at the top of your keyword search results (assuming that you utilize it properly).  The Search Console give you all types of analytical data, such as, number of impressions, what pages people are seeing in the search results based on what keyword searches, your CTR rate on each page, and other important data that is vital to any SEO strategy.  The keywords that are creating impressions for your Content need to be included in that content which ties back to item #1.  It’s important that the Content flows naturally and is inherently educational.

Website Maintenance

Our websites are all built on the WordPress platform.  Every WordPress website requires monthly maintenance such plugin update installation, system backups, and security log review.  These items take time to perform but are very important if you want to keep your website healthy.  We recommend that every website customer has a Maintenance Contract to keep everything updated.  Most customers do not want their website to remain the same for very long.  Our monthly Maintenance Contract also includes 3 hours of work per month (that is cumulative over a 3 month period).  Within those 9 hours per 3 months, we will perform any work that you deem necessary.  If you require more work that the contract covers, everything is based on a set hourly rate.

Website Security

Every website that is built and hosted by Skyfall Digital Media includes a fully licensed copy of iThemes Security.  This extremely powerful and versatile plugin ensures that your website is secure via multiple modern cybersecurity tools that keep unwanted visitors where they belong…on the outside.  If they try to gain access, iThemes Security will automatically ban them from your website for a specified amount of time…or forever if you desire it to do so.  It also allows you to use the Google Recaptcha for all logins and/or new account creation.  As an added layer of security, iThemes Security also has the ability to enable dual factor authentication which will send the user a code via email and/or a mobile application such as Authy.  This software suite logs every event that occurs on your website which should be regularly reviewed via our Website Maintenance services from the previous section.

Custom Logo Creation

We have recently brought a very talented digital artist on board.  She is not listed among our team members because she is a minor.  Her passion for digital art started at a very young age (I know this because she is my daughter).  As long as she has been able to hold a pencil, pen, paint brush, or stylus she has been honing her skills as an artist.  She has taken every opportunity to attend extra-curricular art classes of all types for several years now.  The results are amazing.  We are so excited to be able to offer this service to those who desire it.  I also perform digital artwork (I created our company logo).  Between the two of us, we’re fully equipped to deliver an amazing logo for your website.  Here are two recent examples of our work: Dragon Heart Faith and C4 Concrete Tech, LLC <– we built the logo, not the website.

Website Hosting

To be able to fully reap the benefits of doing business with Skyfall Digital Media, we urge you to host your website on our web host.  We are a WPSuites partner, which means that you get to reap the benefits of one the leading website hosts thanks to our business relationship (and friendship!) with the owner of WPSuites.  There are several different hosting packages, each of which has a specific purpose.  We will help make that decision along with you to ensure that your web host has the disk space, bandwidth, availability, etc. that is required for your specific application.  For example, if you want an Ecommerce website, we would recommend that you go with one of the high-availability options where your website is hosted on its own server (not shared with anything else).  If all you require is a relatively static website that is purely informational in nature and does not require lots of user interaction, we have less costly web hosting options that are better suited to websites of that size and scope.

Personalized Service

It’s something that is important to us all, but it is getting increasingly difficult to find: personalized service.  When you decide to engage in a business transaction with a company, especially one that you aren’t very familiar with, it can be somewhat difficult to take that ‘first step’.  Small businesses, such as Skyfall Digital Media, have the unique ability to engage it’s customers on a very personal level.  Besides offering personalized service, we also offer extremely competitive prices.  Because of our low overhead, we’re able to deliver a highly customized WordPress website that doesn’t break the bank.  Our pricing structure allows us to serve other small businesses who don’t want to spend a fortune to get their brand out onto the internet.  You can read more about this by Clicking Here.

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