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Every business owner, even the most successful ones, want to grow their business.  In these modern times, the secret to growing a business is by having a prominent online presence.  Every business, regardless of its size needs a website, a Google & Bing business profile, and active accounts on the major social media platforms.  Everything related to your brand needs to be concise across all of the aforementioned platforms.  We’re ready to serve you.  Keep reading for more details.

Services Overview

Website Design

The first step in establishing your online presence is to purchase a domain name and have a professional build a website for you.  There are many DIY solutions available that claim to be ‘just as good’ as a custom built website, but regardless of the massive amount of messaging via their advertising campaigns, nothing beats a custom built website.  Your brand and messaging in the Digital Marketing arena needs to be a reflection of who you are as a business.  Everything that is posted online should be carefully crafted to ensure that your potential customers know exactly who you are and what you are offering them.  The design of your website is very important.

WordPress Website Hosting

There are several options available in regards to where your website is hosted.  After several different experiences with different platforms, we decided to go with the very popular WordPress platform.  WordPress is utilized on approximately 45% of all websites on the planet (2022 data).  Once we decided to go with this platform, the next step was to rid ourselves of the headaches that come along with having a 3rd party web hosting provider.  Skyfall Digital Media has its own web servers and sells domain names.  These services enable us to have complete control over your entire website.  It also means that we are a one stop shop for all things website related.  Our hosting platform is running on the latest and greatest server hardware and software to ensure maximum performance for our end users.  A great website is nothing without a high powered web server to host it.  The ability to deliver serve your website up to end users in a very fast manner has a huge impact on whether or not they will return.  As with everything related to business on the internet, the speed of your website is equally important.

WordPress Performance Optimization

After your website is created in accordance with everything that has been discussed thus far, the next logical step is to optimize it to ensure that your amazing content is available to your end users in a very efficient manner.  The speed of the web server is only one facet of a fast website; the site itself must be configured for optimum performance.  This includes the code, the images, and anything else that is available from your site.  Perhaps you already have a website and you want yours to load faster?  We can handle that for you assuming that your site is running on WordPress.  If your site is built by us, we automatically optimize it to ensure that your customers’ experience is excellent.  If you are not sure whether or not you need this service, we offer free consultation (testing and reporting back to you) in this area.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Do you have a website that for some unknown reason isn’t being found by your potential customers?  If you said yes, you need SEO services performed on your website to help it rank higher in the major search engines.  This service is a never ending one.  It would be nice if we could just do this or that to your website and it would rank high and gain tons of traffic forever.  Unfortunately, SEO is a never ending battle that must be fought against your competitors and the ever changing algorithms that are indexing and ranking all of the websites in the world (a huge job!).  This is an art that requires constant attention to the latest trends and changes in how websites are being ranked to stay ahead of your competition.  When you start down this path, it is important to understand that it is a perpetual service that is required as long as you want your website to rank well and ultimately be discovered by potential customers.

WordPress Security Service

What team are we on?  We are on the “white hat” team.  The other team is the “black hat” team.  Both are talented and have invested huge amounts of time in learning their art.  Our team works very hard to mitigate the attacks from the other team.  If you have a website, you are a target plain and simple.  It would be nice to live in a world where people didn’t spend countless hours trying to compromise the software, networks, websites, and other related items that others spend so much time and effort to build up.  As a business owner, you rely on your website to be your piece of digital real estate to be available to your customers.  We have the skills and experience, thanks to our WordPress Security Expert,  to mitigate a large portion of the threats that are hurled at every website at one point in time.  The possibility of being attacked will increase as your website traffic increases, but that doesn’t mean that you should wait until it is attacked to secure it.

Custom Logo Creation

Is your business adequately branded?  Are your customers able to recognize your business by just seeing your logo?  Do you have a logo that you can easily utilize on a website, business card, hat, t-shirt, social media, and anywhere else you want to use it?  You’d be amazed at how many successful businesses don’t have an official logo which means that they are not capitalizing on brand recognition, which is a very important part of marketing.  We happen to have a couple of digital artists on staff that are able to work with you and your staff to create a logo that represents your business in a memorable manner.  A quick sample of your work is our company logo.

WordPress Maintenance Service

Is your website being saved offline?  Is is being patched on a monthly basis?  If the answer is not a completely confident YES, then you need to act now.  Just consider for a moment the immense time that it takes to build a website and what it would do to your business if you had to start it over from scratch.  Regardless of the diligence that goes into every part of our website delivery system, everything that is man-made can and will eventually fail.  Website maintenance is a service that many people pass up on because they don’t think a catastrophic failure will happen to their website (or web server).  The only way to be 100% sure that your website can be restored is to ensure that you are backing it up on a monthly basis (or more often) to an offline location.  Offline means on a physical storage device that is NOT connected to the internet or plugged into the wall socket.  It must be isolated from all forms of harm.

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