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Digital Marketing Services

Are you a business owner who needs a website?  Perhaps you already have one, but want it to be updated.  Skyfall Digital Media can handle those tasks for you and much more.

We’re a Digital Marketing agency, which means that our core focus is on growing your business.  Without a properly built, maintained, and optimized website, your business may go unnoticed to potential customers.  In the past, people utilized the Yellow Pages, newspaper advertisements, and word of mouth to spread the news about their business.  Times have certainly changed!  The default action for most people is to search for whatever business they are seeking with “near me” after the business type.  If you don’t have a website and the corresponding Google My Business profile (and a presence on the major social media sites), your business will not be discovered by individuals who don’t already know that it exists.  This is a tough sell for some long-term business owners.  During these conversations, I always tell people that their current clientele will shrink with time because all of the potential customers (many of whom are younger) search for everything on their mobile devices, tablets, and/or computers.  Any business that lacks a “digital presence” will not be discovered.

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We're Local!

Our home base is in Franklin, VA which means we’re close by in the event you have an urgent need.  We serve customers in other areas as well, but our local clients, many of whom own small businesses, can reap the benefits of getting to know us on a personal level.

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Website Design

Website design is a unique art that encompasses the ideas of the customer meshed together with the designer.  When these two come together, great results are within reach.  Our focus is to fully understand your brand, your desires, and the overall goal of your business.  These items (and others) help us to create a customized solution that will help grow your business.  Your website is the first thing that many people will see long before they ever interact with you directly.  It is very important to ensure that you and your business are accurately represented through your website.

WordPress Website Hosting

A large percentage of websites across the entire world are running on WordPress.  This platform has been thoroughly  developed.  It has excellent support that comes from a wide range of individuals and organizations.  From the core WordPress code to the most complex plug-ins, there isn’t much that can’t be accomplished on a website that WordPress can’t handle.  Skyfall Digital Media decided to utilize this platform for a myriad of reasons.  It’s important to always keep ‘business continuance’ in mind when any software platform is considered for utilization, especially in a business environment.  A huge factor to consider when launching a website is where it will be hosted.  After a few years of leaning on others for this service, we finally decided to get our own web servers that we have complete control over and as an additional bonus, we started selling domain names.  These services enable us to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all things related to digital marketing.  We can create your custom website, purchase your domain, and host your website all under one roof.

WordPress Performance Optimization

No one wants to wait for a web page to load.  As technology has advanced, we’ve become more impatient.  Websites that are on slow web servers that haven’t been optimized for speed can be really annoying to visit.  Many people will simple close the website and seek whatever they are looking for elsewhere.  Our speed optimization services focus on each area of your website to ensure that every piece of it: the code, the text, and the images are all optimized in a manner that ensures VERY fast loading times.  Websites that load fast will automatically gain a higher ranking than similar websites that load slower within the major search engines.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the ‘black art’ of the digital marketing realm.  SEO focuses on every aspect of your website.  There isn’t any portion of your site that doesn’t fall under the umbrella of SEO.  The other interesting fact about this service is that it is constantly changing because the major search engines frequently change their algorithms.  These search engine algorithms (when are basically AI – Artificial Intelligence) make complex decisions based on the content of millions of web pages in regards to how they are ranked (how close to the top of the search results based on keyword searches).

WordPress Security Service

Great, you have an awesome WordPress website that is starting to gain traction within the major search engines.  In English, you are getting an increasingly large amount of visitors to your website.  With this increased exposure comes the huge potential for ‘bad actors’ to decided to attempt to compromise your website.  For those who are on the ‘white hat’ side of the fence, our goal is to deploy a comprehensive security system to keep the ‘black hat’ crowd from destroying your piece of digital real estate.  Skyfall Digital Media has a WordPress Security Expert on staff that has the ability to effectively mitigate the majority of threats that are continually being hurled at any successful website.  Don’t wait until your site has been compromised, reach out to us today so we can secure your website.

Custom Logo Creation

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear a major brand name mentioned?  Most people will respond with the company logo.  Branding, as it is referred to, is very important in the Digital Marketing realm.  Businesses don’t just need a logo and a website, they need an overall brand that is memorable and well…awesome!  When we’re tasked with logo design, one question that always stays in the forefront of our minds is this:  “would I want this logo on a t-shirt or hat?”  That answer must always be YES.  The header on your website, your business cards, and anything you have made with your logo will be seen by tons of people.  You absolutely want it to be something that people actually want to display.  Think about the huge amount of free advertising that is comes along with people wearing something with your logo on it simply because it looks cool.

WordPress Maintenance Service

Okay, you’ve got a website, it is secure, it is optimized, it is branded, and you are actively promoting it.  You are also updating it on a regular basis with new content.  It won’t take long before you have invested hundreds and eventually thousands of hours in your piece of digital real estate.  At this point, the last thing you want to do is risk losing your precious work of art.  Our monthly maintenance service ensures that your website is backed up offline (completely air-gapped from the world!).  We also keep your website and it’s associated plug-ins updated to the latest versions.  These updates not only ensure continued smooth operation of your website, they also ensure that it is secure because many of the updates are focused on increased security.  Don’t skip this vital step!

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