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Do You Own A Piece Of Digital Real Estate?

Skyfall Digital Media can create one for you.

Let’s face it, every business owner needs a custom built website.  The days of gaining new customers organically are slowly fading away.  When individuals are searching for new businesses to engage with, the first thing they do is to check and see if they have a website.  You also need accounts on the major social media sites.  You need to establish brand consistency across all of the sites.  Your brand and messaging is very important.  There is an unknown amount of potential customers that will visit one or more of your sites before they directly engage with you.  We’d like to guide you through the process of establishing this vital part of your business.

Services Overview

Website Design

The largest portion of your digital real estate is your website.  This is the place where you have links to all of your social media accounts.  your website must be built in a manner that accurately reflects who you are and what you are offering to your customers.  Our job is to ensure that everything you want others to know about your services are consistently shared.  We have the expertise to built just about anything that you can imagine, from minimalist to loud and complex.  The design, color scheme, layout, and overall sitemap of your website is critical.  Each business model has different requirements.  We will work with your team to ensure that we fully understand your vertical which will enable us to create something awesome for you.

WordPress Website Hosting

Why isn’t this section simply called Website Hosting?  When we were setting up our business, we evaluated several different web platforms.  Our decision to go with WordPress was centered around its large user base and support structure.  As of 2022, close to 45% of all websites currently connected to the internet are utilizing it.  Business continuance is an important thing to remember whenever you are making decisions that will affect the future of your business.  After making that decision, we decided to setup a website hosting service (we sell domain names too!) that is optimized to host WordPress.  Our servers are running on the latest hardware and software.  They are regularly updated to maximize their performance.  The speed at which your website loads on the user’s end is critical.  Most users will not return to a slow website.  We knew that before setting up our systems which is why they are tweaked for maximum performance.  Another great benefit of having our own services of this type is that we are a one stop shop for all things related to your website.

WordPress Performance Optimization

If you hire us to build your website, we will optimize it for you as part of the creative process.  For those of you who already have a website that isn’t optimized, we offer a free consultation service where we will evaluate your site and send you a comprehensive report that will show any deficiencies that may be present.  We can fix those problems for you if you desire.  The fast web servers that we were talking about in the previous section can only do so much; your website must be optimized as well (the code, the images, and everything in between).  The major search engines will rank your website lower in the search results than your competition if your website doesn’t perform well.  They actually measure and track the page loading times of all websites.  This is a critical part of SEO.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

No one wants their website to just exist; they want it to be discovered by the target audience.  Without SEO services being regularly performed on your site, it will not be discovered.  This service is not a one time configuration change.  In fact, it is an endless “game” that is constantly being played.  The players are the SEO experts that are working on their clients’ websites.  If you want your business to rank high within the search results of the major search engines, you must have an SEO expert working on your website on a monthly basis.  The algorithms that index and rank websites are constantly being updated.  These changes can be very vague at times, but we work very hard to stay ahead of the curve to ensure that our clients are getting the best service possible.  The bottom line is if you want your site to be visited by potential customers, you need a SEO expert.

WordPress Security Service

It’s easy assume that your website isn’t a target of the community of hackers known as “black hats”, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Those of us who operate in the “white hat” community spend a ton of time mitigating the attacks of those who desire to ruin our piece of digital real estate.  A WordPress Security Expert has the skillset to deploy modern cybersecurity systems on your website to greatly reduce the possibility of it being compromised.  Nothing is 100%, but we can come really close.  This service is one that gets overlooked by a lot of business owners.  Don’t be the one who has to look back with regret that you didn’t hire someone to lock down your website in the aftermath of a digital disaster.  No one wants to be that individual.  Take the necessary steps to ensure that you are doing everything possible to mitigate a potential disaster.

Custom Logo Creation

Your digital real estate needs a “sign” on it that clearly identifies who you are.  That sign should be in the form of a custom logo.  Business logos are a huge part of your overall branding.  Our staff includes two digital artists that have the ability to create a logo for your business that will help you establish your brand across your entire platform.  Well designed logos are ones that people want to wear on t-shirts, hats, etc.  They are easily recognizable and work well on business cards, ink pens, and other items that you want them displayed on.  Our services in this area will not only create something unique for you, but we will also deliver the images to you in several different formats that can be used across your entire platform.

WordPress Maintenance Service

Have you ever owned anything that is man made that didn’t eventually fail or wear out?  Web servers, websites, and everything in between can and will fail at some point.  Don’t let the tantalizing nature of technology fool you; it will break one day.  Our website maintenance services are centered around two major areas: system backups and monthly patch deployment.  We will backup your website to an offline storage device that is safe from the internet and from any electrical (lightening, etc.) damage.  WordPress and it’s related plugins receive updates on a monthly basis.  We’ll install the updates for you and make sure that your site is functioning properly after the new patches are applied.  This is a very important service.  Don’t risk losing your website and having to start from scratch and have it built again.  If your website is utilized as a critical tool for bringing customers to your business, you certainly don’t want to lose it for any amount of time.

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