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Business owners have many different responsibilities and have to wear ‘many different hats’ to keep things moving forward.  One consistent focus throughout the business world is continued growth.  Those of us who decided to pursue the American dream by stepping out and going into business for ourselves clearly understand the importance of not only sustaining out business, but growing it as well.  Over the past several years, the Digital Marketing realm has absolutely exploded.  Having a website, social media accounts, and everything else that comes along with that is no longer an option.  If you want to survive, you have to enter into this very competitive arena.  Our focus is to guide you through this complex and constantly changing landscape with the end-goal of increasing your business growth.

Services Overview

Website Design

The first thing that the majority of people do when searching for a particular product or service is to look for their website.  There are still tons of business owners who haven’t embraced this truth, but the past is past and the future is here.  If you are going to survive, you need a custom website.  A large number of your future customers will visit your website before they ever contact you directly.  Based on that information, your website needs to clearly show your potential customers who you are and what you are offering them.  Your social media accounts have to also transmit the same messaging.  Website design is an art that requires special attention to detail.  By engaging with us, you will receive the customer service that you deserve and a final product that accurately reflects everything that you want your customers to know about your business.

WordPress Website Hosting

According to the latest data (in 2022), about 45% of websites in existence are running on WordPress.  The website that you are visiting at this moment in running on it as well.  The support structure and availability of an endless number of software packages led us to choosing this platform to build our business on.  Once that step was complete, we decided to invest in our own web servers and took the necessary steps to be able to sell domain names.  Once those systems were in place, we became a website developer that also hosts all of its customers websites within our server architecture.  The end user experience on a website is very important.  Knowing the importance of that experience, we setup our web servers on the latest hardware and software to ensure that our websites are delivered as fast and efficient as possible.  When you utilize our hosting services, you can rest easy knowing that your website is being served up to your customers via a very fast system.  Speed plays a huge role in user engagement.  Many people will not continue on or return to a slow website.

WordPress Performance Optimization

Now that we have established that we have fast web servers, the next part of this equation is to optimize your website to ensure that it can take advantage of the speed and efficiency of our servers.  WordPress Speed Optimization is a service that is very important for all websites.  We have the tools to analyze your website and pinpoint the deficiencies that are causing slow loading times.  We offer a free consultation service where we will deliver a report to you that gives you all of the details about the current status of your website.  If we build a website for you, the speed optimization comes along with the website.  For those of you who aren’t sure if you need this service or not, contact us and we’ll be glad to take a look at your website at no cost to you.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The biggest game on the internet is SEO.  Every Digital Marketing agency is playing against each other.  Everyone wants their website to rank high within the major search engines, especially Google.  Thanks to the endless changes that the major search engines are making to their code, SEO is a never ending battle that must be fought.  It would be awesome if we could just build your website and add some code to it that would enable it to remain at the top of the pile perpetually, but that will never be the case.  If you want your website (and ultimately your business) to remain competitive with other businesses in your vertical, you need Search Engine Optimization services to be performed on your website every month.

WordPress Security Service

You are obviously using technology to read this text, so you are probably aware of the attacks that some individuals spend all of their time launching against networks, software, and websites.  Our resident WordPress Security Expert has the ability to mitigate those attacks.  Let’s face the truth, nothing is 100% safe from the attacks from hackers, but we can do a huge amount of mitigation to keep your website safe from being compromised.  If you are a business owner that relies on your website as an integral part of your business operations, you definitely need to add a layer of cybersecurity to your website.  Don’t wait until someone has taken control of your site and posted who knows what on your homepage.  This service is imperative for any website owner.  It blows my mind how many people elect not to have us deploy some security measures to protect their website.  Don’t be that business owner that has to live with the regret of not taking steps to avoid this potential disaster.  Be proactive and know that everything possible was done to keep your website safe.

Custom Logo Creation

There aren’t many things that I can think of more important that a very memorable logo for your business.  I am talking about something that the majority of people would gladly wear on a t-shirt, hat, etc.  We’re very fortunate to have a couple of artists on staff that can create a custom logo for your business.  The process is relatively painless for you.  We will send you a questionnaire that will give us the guidelines we need to start creating draft logos for you.  As we draw closer to the final product, we will make the necessary adjustments per your requirements until you are completely satisfied.  The end result will be something unique.  We will deliver several different variations of your new logo that you will be able to put on just about anything that you want.  Promotional items are a great way to garner free advertisement for your business. 

WordPress Maintenance Service

Now that you have a website, the next step is to ensure that is it backed up on a regular basis and that all of the software is updated / patched on a regular basis (monthly is the most common).  The amount of time that it takes to build a website and expand it throughout time is incredibly huge.  The last thing you want is to suddenly lose all of that due to a failure of some sort.  Don’t be fooled by the flashy nature of modern technology; if it is man-made it will eventually break down.  Our website maintenance services are intended to keep your precious digital data safe from any type of failure.  We save all of our websites offline on a storage device that is not connected to the internet nor is it connected to an electrical circuit when it is not being used.  This ensures that nothing (lightening, etc.) can destroy the data on the storage device.  This is a critical service that every website owner should invest in.

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