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Skyfall Digital Media is a Local Business for Local Businesses

Skyfall Digital Media is located in Franklin, VA which means we’re able to meet with our Suffolk, VA customers in person if necessary.  We’re a local company that is owned and operated by local professionals who want to see the businesses in their local communities grow.

Services Overview

Website Design

It’s virtually impossible to survive in the current business environment, regardless of your vertical, without a well designed website.  Web design goes much deeper than just ensuring that everything looks and functions as desired, there are multiple facets within web development that each need to be addressed to ensure that your website is fast, secure, ranks well within the major search engines, and attracts customers to your business.  In this case, beauty is definitely much more than skin deep.  For example, it is imperative that your site functions flawlessly on PC, Tablet, and Mobile devices.  Each one has unique requirements that must be addressed during the development phase.

WordPress Website Hosting

The WordPress website platform is the most popular website engine in the entire world (43.2% of all websites are running on it as of March of 2022).  We offer high-availability hosting services that are engineered to specifically cater to WP websites.  Experienced users of our services are able to install other PHP/MySQL based web engines (such as Simple Machines Forums, Suite CRM, and other similar platforms – we can also install these for you if needed).  When selecting a website developer, it’s important to inquire about the hosting services that they are utilizing.  Many agencies don’t have their own hosting which means that you’ll be paying much more for your hosting than you should.  It also means that the company you are dealing with may not have the experience, skills, and/or access to properly maintain the physical space where your website resides.  A list of our hosting packages and their associated details / prices are located HERE.

WordPress Performance Optimization

The speed that this website loads is based on the limitations of your internet connection and the processing power (and current load) of the device you are using.  That factor is beyond the control of your website developer, but the speed and efficiency of your website is completely within the control of an knowledgeable WordPress Speed Optimization Expert.  This unique set of skills is crucial for the end-user experience.  It also has an effect on how well your website ranks within the major search engines.  The speed that your site loads has a huge impact on the bounce rate of your website.  The bounce rate is the percentage of users who access your website and immediately leave.  Most people are a bit impatient when visiting sites across the internet.  If they are visiting yours for the first time and it doesn’t quickly load, there is a high probability that they will leave and perhaps never return.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

This is an constantly evolving art that requires extreme attention to detail as well as a very persistent attitude that is focused on success.  The process of growing an online presence takes time and dedication.  There is not a quick and fast way to the top.  Patience is imperative on the part of the website owner during the initial months of SEO work on their website.  This service is also imperative if you want your website to be found by potential customers who are entering in particular key words and phrases into search engines.  To grow your brand, you need website traffic from people who are seeking the type of services that you offer.  Once that is clearly defined, we can make that happen for you.

WordPress Security Service

Since the dawn of the computer age, there have been two groups of users of this amazing technology.  The first group are those who create, build, maintain, expand, etc. everything from software to hardware to leverage technology in a way that has completely changed the world.  The second group are focused on exploiting mistakes that the first group made to gain access to systems and information with malicious intent.  Let’s be honest, there are some people who like to operate on both sides of this “fire wall”.  The extreme popularity of the WordPress platform has gained the attention of the second group, which means that there are people prowling the internet looking for websites to compromise that don’t have any cybersecurity in place to mitigate their attacks.  Nothing is 100% safe from the attacks leveraged by hackers.  Anyone who says otherwise is selling something that doesn’t exist, but with the proper application of security software that is configured correctly, you can keep 99.9% of the individuals from group #2 out of your website.

Custom Logo Creation

Your branding is very important.  A custom logo is at the center of your branding.  Your logo will be on your website, business cards, and all of your marketing products (hats, shirts, coffee cups, etc.).  You need a logo that can be utilized on a white background, a black background, embroidered, on a vehicle wrap, and anywhere else that you desire to display it.  We’re fortunate to have a couple of digital artists on staff that will consult with you about specific graphic design preferences.  Afterwards, they will create a custom logo to fit your specific requirements.  The design process includes several different revisions as needed until the perfect logo design is achieved.

WordPress Maintenance Service

This is often overlooked by many website owners who don’t realize the importance of it until it’s too late and their website is lost.  When you hire us to perform the necessary monthly maintenance and backup procedures on your website, you can sleep well knowing that your website is safely stored in an offline location (completely offline…electrically disconnected to ensure that nothing can harm the backup).  After spending lots of time and money building a website, the last thing you want is to have to start from scratch and build it again.  Regularly scheduled system backups are an extremely important service in the IT realm.

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