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Website Design Williamsburg VA

Every Business Owner Needs A Piece Of "Digital Real Estate"

Skyfall Digital Media can create a custom space for your business within the digital realm.

“Digital Real Estate” is the place where your website resides along with all of your social media accounts.  Now more than ever, it is imperative that every business take full advantage of the Digital Marketing space.  Businesses primarily attract new customers via their website and/or social media accounts.  The current culture has become technologically advanced enough to have made this method of customer acquisition mainstream.  If you are not currently taking advantage of this very effective tool, we’d like to lead you through the process to ensure that your business will be discovered by those who are searching for your services.

Services Overview

Website Design

The primary piece of “digital real estate” that every business owner needs is a customized website.  Your website is an extension of you and your business services.  There will be many customers who will visit your website long before they ever engage with you directly.  This fact makes it extremely important to accurately portray your business via your website.  Your social media accounts also need to echo the same messaging.  The web design process is a tedious task that requires us to gain a healthy understanding of the facets of your business to enable us to create a website that accurately reflects it.  We will also have an in-depth discussion with you about your personal tastes regarding your website.  We can build anything that you can conceive, from minimalistic to loud and busy.  It all depends on your desires, your business vertical, and the type of customers you are trying to attract.

WordPress Website Hosting

We have our own website hosting services and we sell domain names.  After dealing with third party vendors to handle our hosting, we decided it would be a much better experience for our customers if we had our own hosting services.  Our web servers are built with the latest hardware and software.  They are optimized for speed, especially for hosting WordPress websites.  We chose the WordPress platform after testing out several other competing platforms.  WordPress is currently being used on about 45% (as of 2022) of websites that are currently on the internet.  It also has a huge support base and thousands upon thousands of programmers who create all types of software to enable WordPress to handle any website related task.  It is also a very stable platform.  As you might have guessed, this website that you are visiting is running on WordPress and is being hosted on our servers.  If you are wondering why we focused on speed and performance, it is because the major search engines keep track the page load times for all websites.  These load times are directly correlated to how well a website ranks against other similar websites.  The ones with the fastest load times will rank higher in the search results.  This is very important for the SEO of your website.

WordPress Performance Optimization

Fast web servers are only one piece of the puzzle.  You also need a optimized website that is extremely lean and efficient.  If you hire us to build your website, we will optimize it as part of the process of building it.  If you are seeking WordPress Optimization services, we offer free consultation in this area.  We’ll take a look at your website and compile a comprehensive report that will show any issues that your website may have.  We’ll deliver this report to you along with an offer to fix it for you.  The entire purpose of having a business website is to attract customers to your business.  The last thing you want is to have a slow loading website that has a negative impact upon your potential customers.  It is very important to have a fast website that is optimized to ensure that your end users experience is excellent.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The endless war that is being waged across the internet 24/7/365 is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  This war is being fought by SEO experts across the globe who are all competing on behalf of their clients to gain the highest positions within the major search engine rankings as possible.  This is a very tedious art that requires continuous work as long as you want your website to rank well (to be easily discovered).  Its important to know that this is not a one time service that we perform for you.  SEO is an endless service that has to be performed on a monthly basis until you decide that you no longer want your website to rank well.  The majority of our SEO clients utilize our services every month without end.  As long as they are in business, they want this service.  Another kink that comes along with this service is the fact that sites like Google are constantly updating the algorithms that rank websites which means that we have the endless task of discovering these changes and applying them to our customers’ websites.  It takes time and patience for a website to rank well, but in time it can be done.

WordPress Security Service

We’re fortunate to have a “white hat” WordPress Security Expert on our staff who ‘fights the good fight’ on your behalf against the “black hat” community to are constantly trying to destroy your piece of “digital real estate”.  You may have never considered a website to be the target of cybersecurity attacks, but they certainly are.  Most people think that cybersecurity is really only needed for computers and networks, but that is not the case at all.  The advancements in technology that have occurred over the past decade has done a great service to humanity.  As Information Technology systems (specifically websites) have become more complex, the desire of hackers to find ways to compromise them has also grown.  Our WordPress Security Service utilizes advanced tools to completely lock down your website in an effort to mitigate the attacks from those who want to destroy it.  It is important to note that nothing is 100%, but we actively strive to achieve maximum protection for our customers.

Custom Logo Creation

As a business owner, you are already aware of the importance of your branding.  If you don’t already have an awesome logo for your business, we can create on for you.  We’ve got a couple of digital artists on our staff who will work with you during this important process.  We’ll ask you a series of questions that will enable us to create draft designs for you to review.  Once we create the perfect logo for your business, we’ll deliver it to you in a variety of formats to enable you to use it in many different areas (black, white, color, transparent, etc.).  The type of logo that we strive to create for you is something that people will want to wear on a t-shirt or hat.  There is an untold amount of free advertising that comes along with having a custom logo that people actually want to wear.  Your new logo should be displayed on your website, business cards, social media accounts, and anywhere else that you want to display it.

WordPress Maintenance Service

Don’t get to the end of all of this very important work and decide not to keep it updated and backed up (offline!).  Regardless of the advancements in technology, everything eventually fails.  Unfortunately, that also includes web servers and their associated hardware and software.  It is also important to keep your website patched on a monthly basis.  The WordPress platform and the associated plugins that your website uses are regularly updated.  Besides backing up your website, we also update it on a monthly basis to ensure that it is running on the latest software.  This keeps your site performing well and it also helps to mitigate potential cybersecurity issues.  Don’t bypass this important service!

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