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Website Design

What is the first step in designing a website?

Every customer has unique needs.  Those needs cover a wide range of specifics that are influenced by the individual(s) who are requesting the website.  This includes:

  • Your unique tastes
  • The vertical that your business operates in
  • Your audience
  • The overall feel that you are looking for (from mild to wild)
  • The color scheme (Click Here for some great examples)
  • Specific customizations that effect the overall design

When we initial engage with a you, we send you a link to our custom website design questionnaire.  This online form asks several key questions that helps us to understand exactly what you envision the final product to look like, how your customers will navigate it, how the pages are connected (site layout / site map), and any specific requests that you have.  Our first step is to create an offline draft website that we can share with the you.  We request that our customers heavily critique our draft design and give us as much feedback as possible.  Everything that we receive is then implemented per your request.  We then share the second draft and start the process over again.  We will repeat this process until the final product is exactly what the you initially envisioned.  The record…so far…is three drafts.  Most customers are happy with the second draft and occasionally the first.

What happens if you don't know what you want?

This happens about 50% of the time.  We have customers who know they need a website and fully understand the importance of having one, but they don’t have any idea about how it should look or function.  In these cases, we still send them the same questionnaire that we send to all of our customers to hopefully ignite the creative spark that will lead them to making several critical decisions that will give us some direction as to how the site should look and feel.  If necessary, we will work directly with you and work through the questionnaire as a team to help the understand what each question is in reference to.  During those time, we will also supply examples of what “A” of B” looks like, etc. to help make the process as painless as possible while also ensuring that the final product is something that they are very happy with.

What if you already have a website, but want it redesigned?

Occasionally, a customer will already have a website that for one reason or another, they want it redesigned.  In most cases, much more that a redesign is needed.  We usually have to completely rework the site from the ‘ground up’ and implement the necessary changes to ensure that the site includes the following:

Each of these critical elements is critical for a specific reason.  Click on each of the links to learn more about each one.  The redesign process is very similar to the initial design process that was explained above.  If an extreme redesign is requested, we will send you the website design questionnaire so we can fully understand what you want your site to look like (we’ll work through it with you if necessary).

What if you already have a website and want to move it to Skyfall Digital Media's hosting platform?

Perhaps you already have a website that is performing well, but you are paying too much for your monthly website hosting (Click Here to see our VERY competitive prices) and/or your current web host is too slow (slow website loading times has a negative impact on SEO).  Regardless of the reason, we can migrate your website to our servers in a manner that ensures zero downtime.  Downtime is extremely critical, especially if a business relies on its website to continue to sustain the business.  The migration process follows these steps:

  • We will request full admin access to your current website so we can take a complete backup of the website (files, database, etc.).
  • We will install your website on our servers and share a link with you so you can verify that everything is exactly as it was on the previous web server.
  • We will request full admin access to your domain registrar account so we can update your domain’s name servers.  At this point, your website resides in two locations.  When we update the nameservers, we are telling all of the Domain Name Servers (DNS) across the entire world that your website is now at a new location.  It takes a few hours (up to 24, but usually 2-3) for all of the DNS servers to receive the updated information.  During this time users from different locations will be accessing your website from the new location or the old depending on whether or not their DNS server has been updated.  After 24 hours have passed, you can safely close your account with your previous web host because by that time, everyone who is accessing your website will be visiting it on the new server.  The beautiful part about this process is that your end-users will not know what transpired which ensures that there is no gap in service.

Where do we go from here?

We offer free consultation to help you with anything related to our services.  We are happy to speak to potential customers about our services.  Feel free to reach out to us.

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