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Custom WordPress Website Design

This topic has multiple facets that are important.  The major ones that come to mind are a website that is:  responsive, mobile friendly, secure, unique, and fast.  Each item in the aforementioned list is important for one reason or another.  The method by which people are accessing the internet is increasingly via mobile devices.  Desktops once were the ruler of all, but the explosion in mobile technology has changed the playing field drastically.  Every website that we build AND host (emphasis on host) will have all of the attributes listed above.  We can’t guarantee performance if your website is hosted elsewhere.  During the design phase of your custom website project, we will have lots of communication with you to ensure that we meet and/or exceed all of your expectations.  Skyfall Digital Media is all about paying close attention to every detail.  We treat your website like it belongs to us.  In a way it does belong to us because our name will be on it when it is all said and done.  Our design strategy starts with a simple conversation about your vision for your website.  If you aren’t sure what you want, we will build several different mock-ups for you (mock-ups are live websites that you can visit and interact with) to find out which type of setup best suites your wants, needs, and desires.  There are tons of available options.  We also have a custom WordPress plugin programmer on our staff that can create something unique for your particular application.  We’ll take a deeper dive into this after your make the initial contact with us.

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