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Website Maintenance Services Overview

If you own a website and don’t currently have a website maintenance service contract is place, you are putting your website at risk in several critical areas. They are as follows:

Cybersecurity / Out of Date Software

Anything connected to the internet can be compromised if someone wants to get in bad enough and has the resources, skills, and funds to do so.  Websites are nothing more than amazing pieces of code that are running on a remote computer (server…or so we hope!).  Your website might run on physical hardware or it may be a virtual machine.  Either way, it is an operating system, a web server, and your website that are connected directly to the internet.  Regardless of the security measures that are in place, there is always the possibility to someone gaining access to your website and wreaking havoc on it.  Software updates (which includes WordPress updates and WordPress plugin updates) are not only for enhancements and bug fixes, they are also focused on fixing any cybersecurity issues that may have been discovered or even worse, exploited by a hacker.  The bottom line is that you need to keep your website updated, which keeps it as secure as possible.  If you let Skyfall Digital Media build your website (and host it), you will have additional security measures put in place to add a tremendous amount of security to your website.

Catastrophic Hardware Web Server Failure

As I mentioned above, a website is in its most basic form code that runs on a remote computer (server).  That server is a physical man-made machine that will eventually fail.  It will be far more robust that your desktop/laptop, in an environmentally controlled data center, and connected to a clean source of AC power that is backed up by a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).  Everything that is man-made will eventually break, wear out, etc.  Your website needs to be regularly backed up in an offline location that is not on your web server.  This is an extremely critical items that many website owners overlook.  When it gets deleted, there is no recovery.  Don’t let the cost of a website maintenance contract (which is quite affordable from Skyfall Digital Media) keep you from adding this layer of much needed protection to your website…especially if you rely on it as your means of income!

What Website Maintenance Services Do We Offer?

Every WordPress website requires monthly maintenance such as plugin update installation, system backups, and security log review. These items take time to perform but are very important if you want to keep your website healthy. We recommend that every website customer has a Maintenance Contract to keep everything updated. Most customers do not want their website to remain the same for very long. Our monthly Maintenance Contract includes 3 hours of work per month (that is cumulative over a 3 month period). Within those 9 hours per 3 months, we will perform any work that you deem necessary. If your website will require more than 3 hours per month, we can give you a quote for the number of hours that you desire or just give you a flat hourly rate.

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