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WordPress Performance Optimization

Is Your WordPress Website Slow?

WordPress Performance Optimization Service

With the high level of competition that exists on the World Wide Web, there is one thing that rises to the top of the “must have” list…a FAST website. There are other elements that are very important, but let’s look at this from the perspective of an outside user who is visiting your website for the first time. If your website isn’t optimized (fast and responsive/mobile friendly), the odds of them staying on your website long enough to interact with it in the way you desire them to is slim to none.

Slow Website = High Bounce Rate

Just in case you don’t know, bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit your site for a few seconds then immediately leave. One of the primary causes of a high bounce rate is a slow website.

WordPress Optimization

What was your load time?  Was it over 2 seconds?  Were any of your grades less than an “A”?  If so, we can fix that for you.

What is included in a WordPress Performance Optimization?

Database Optimization

Whenever you make edits, revisions, install/delete plugins, update WordPress, etc. your WordPress database becomes cluttered with items that need to be removed. This process will enhance the overall user experience and help to optimize your page load time.

Database Optimization

Similar to the Database Optimization, this is where we remove spam comments, deleted items (posts, pages, etc.), and clear your cache.

Page Caching

Copies of your pages, files, images, etc. are saved for quick access which leads to considerable performance increases throughout your website. It’s important to remember that most people become impatient when web page load times are greater than 2 seconds.

Cache Preloading

Cached web pages greatly enhance the overall user experience because webpages are preloaded to ensure a very fast and efficient user experience.

Browser Caching (especially for mobile users!)

Each visitor will have their own copies of your website cached in their web browser. This greatly improves the page loading times, especially for users who are frequently visiting multiple pages several times per session.

Minification of Java & CSS

This is an important process that removes the unnecessary space that is inherently within your Java and CSS files. This is yet another method that will decrease page load time and increase the overall user experience.

Google Fonts Optimization

If you happen to be utilizing Google Fonts on your website (many sites are), this process will reduce the number of HTTP requests to your website from the visitor. As with all other reductions, this will decrease your page load time.

DNS Prefetching

This is the process of preloading necessary DNS data by reducing the resolutions that the user’s web browser has to make for each session on your website.

Ecommerce Friendly

Is your Ecommerce site suffering from slow page loading times? We can help to remedy that problem via our WordPress Optimization process.

Deferred JavaScript Loading

This is the process by which we configure your website to ‘defer’ the JavaScript loading until the other items are loaded in the web browser. This improves the user experience by decreasing the web page loading time.

Image Optimization

Every website has images, some have more than others (especially Ecommerce sites!).  This process greatly improves your page load times because images are generally the largest files that must be loaded when viewing your website.  We will greatly decrease the overall file size of your images while maintaining the resolution that they are currently displayed at.  This one item alone, drastically improves page load time.

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