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Building A Business Relationship

Building A Business Relationship

Building A Business Relationship

When you engage in a business relationship with Skyfall Digital Media, you are not just exchanging your hard earned money for a piece of digital media on the internet, you are actually investing into a business relationship with a company that is highly focused on you, the customer.  For some organizations, it is all about making the most money possible while producing an end-product that barely meets spec.  My philosophy is completely different; I want to take our business relationship to the next level and engage with you and your organization’s website, blog, and/or forum on a very personal level.  When I work on my own website, I am very particular about every aspect of it; I am just as particular, if not MORE particular when working on your website.  The drive to perform at a very high level comes from many places, but one of those places is through my business relationship with my customers.  You are not just a number or an email address, you are much more important than that.  Everything that we work directly reflects on who we are as individuals and our integrity.  Integrity is a huge part of who I am and is deeply woven into how Skyfall Digital Media operates.

Recent Customer Feedback

I had the recent pleasure of getting to know Melissa Brown who runs the Blended Family Podcast.  She was referred to me by a friend who knew about my business.  After getting a full understanding of what she wanted me to do to her website (and after building a business relationship), I proceeded to make the updates and changes that she requested (Click Here To See It).  Melissa was kind enough to mention my business in one of her recent podcasts.  It can be accessed by Clicking Here.  She also left feedback on my Google Business profile.

“I was introduced to Ryan when needing help for my website. He far exceeded my expectations. In fact he was so helpful even before we decided to do business together. He explained the entire process so I knew what to expect. He completed the work way before I expected it to be done, and took time with me to show me everything he had done. He followed up in a timely manner as well. The cost was far less than I planned for. I highly recommend this company for your website needs. I know I will be continuing to do business with them moving forward!”

I am very thankful for the feedback and the sharing of my business that she did for me.

Another long-time customer left feedback on my Google Business profile as well.  Jeannie Hunt owns Jeannie’s Used Books in Portsmouth, VA.  I had the opportunity to get to know Jeannie and build a website for her.  This is the comment she left:

“I could not be any happier with Ryan and his work on my website. Great local family.”
Jeannie Hunt

Customer Service & Customer Satisfaction

There is nothing more important from the perspective of the customer in a business relationship than customer service and customer satisfaction.  When someone decides to trust you with the responsibility to build their website, they are entrusting you with creating a piece of digital media that represents who they are to the public.  Everyone who visits the website, especially new customers, has nothing other than the website to make the decision to proceed with reaching out and taking things to the next level.  If the website isn’t fast, functional, responsive, mobile friendly, and easy to navigate, they may simply bounce off of it and seek the services they were pursuing elsewhere.  What that being said, it should make it very clear how important it is for us to create an absolutely awesome website for every one of our customers.  The online reputation of each customer is in our hands; we don’t take that lightly.  Everyone who has spent any amount of time on the internet has surely visited poorly designed websites that are clunky and slow along with websites that are not mobile friendly.  Ever since the explosion of mobile utilization, it is no longer an option to have a website that is completely functional on all platforms: desktop, tablet, and mobile.  Every website we build is completely compatible with all platforms.

Are You Ready To Start An Adventure Together?

Skyfall Digital Media is ready to serve you.  Whether you are a business owner or an individual who wants a custom-built website, blog, and/or forum, we can handle it for you.  We also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress Performance Optimization, Custom Logo Creation, and WordPress Maintenance ServicesClick Here so we can start to build our business relationship.



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